Has the health crisis eased tensions in the Middle East ?

For almost two years now, the Corona virus pandemic has caused and continues to cause havoc throughout the world. Indeed, no country has been spared from this virus whose disappearance remains uncertain to this day. But even if it has endangered the health of more than a thousand people, it must be recognized that from a certain point of view, this pandemic has turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Read this article to the end to learn more.

What was the situation in the Middle East before the health crisis ?

The situation of wars that existed for many years in the Middle East is probably not unknown to everyone. The populations of countries such as Yemen, Syria, Libya, were living a real ordeal derived from the armed conflicts that have bogged them down. Numerous losses of human lives as well as an important regression of the economy are some of the effects of the wars in the Middle East. But the last straw came when this new pandemic appeared. In normal circumstances, this pandemic should have restricted the emission of gunshots, since it required a total containment for the safety of the populations. But it was quite different in the Middle East.

Some impacts of the health crisis on the Middle East tensions

According to the World Organization of the United Nations, the countries of the Middle East are among those experiencing the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. In order to limit the spread of the Corona Virus pandemic as much as possible, the UN has launched a call for a ceasefire in these countries.

Faced with this pandemic that did not cease and in view of the fears of the leaders of the Middle East of not being able to put an end to it, it was finally put in force a truce which would seem to be maintained thanks to the health crisis. It must be said that this crisis in the end, will perhaps be the beginning of a peace that has always been uncertain in the Middle East.

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