Three percussion instruments you can learn quickly

You are a fan of musical instruments and especially of percussion instruments, you want to learn to play them quickly and you don't know which one could make it easier for you. Then this article is for you. It reveals three percussion instruments that you can learn to play by yourself and very quickly.

The tongue drum

The tongue drum is a very trendy percussion instrument nowadays. It is an instrument that has very relaxing sounds and a stunning look. It is in fact in the shape of a flying saucer. It is part of the large family of handpan instrument and is therefore played with the hand but also with mallets. Playing this instrument does not require any knowledge of music or particular technique. One of its great particularity is that it does not produce false notes. This instrument is good for relaxing, letting go, meditating…

Foot Tambourine

The second instrument that you can learn to play very quickly is the foot tambourine. It is one of the many variations of the tambourine. It consists of a round frame with many beads added, much like jingles. The foot tambourine is even considered one of the small instruments in the family of percussion instruments. As the name suggests, it is an instrument that is played with the foot. You can therefore synchronize it with another instrument that is played by hand, namely the guitar. The synchronization of these two instruments is very interesting and generally gives very good results.


The Cajon is also an instrument that you can learn to play easily. It was invented in Peru in the 18th century and is shaped like a wooden box. To play it you can sit comfortably on it. The Cajon offers a lot of different sounds that enhance the melodies often heard on the drums. There are also several types of Cajon. Each of them has its own characteristics and produces a specific sound.