How to get around Cancun?

 Do you want to make a trip to Cancun? Do you know that traveling by cab would not be adequate in such a city? For your convenience, we suggest Uber and Lyft transportation. 

How to get to your place of stay from the airport and how to book Uber and Lyft in Cancun?

 Answers are available here. How to get to your place of stay from the airport in Cancun? You may think the answer is obvious: a cab. But no. Check out Uber Cancun for more information. There are no cabs operating in the airport. You will need to make a reservation for a cab to pick you up at the airport. Also, taking the bus or public transportation with your luggage would not be ideal. Also, Uber and Lyft are not available at the Cancun airport. If you try to make a reservation with them from the airport, you will get a message that Uber is currently unavailable in your area. Therefore, the best way to get to your hotel from the airport is to contact your hotel's transportation service.

 Is it possible to book Uber and Lyft in Cancun?

 It is complicated to book a ride with Uber and Lyft in Cancun. Indeed, they have problems with the local cabs. This is because local cabs offer their services at higher prices than Uber and Lyft. Therefore, customers prefer Uber and Lyft services. However, even if it is possible to book with them, they may not advertise themselves too much so as not to be mugged by the local cabs. So, to book with Uber and Lyft, make sure there are no local cabs near you. Sit in the back seat when you take a cab at Uber and Lyft so as not to arouse the suspicions of local cabs.