Drug use among young people: causes and consequences

Adolescence is a time when young people are searching for themselves and may be tempted to experiment with more risky behaviors. Among them, the consumption of psychoactive substances. Why do young people give themselves over to this practice of drug use? What are the health implications?

Find out the answer to these questions in this article.

What are the causes of drug use among young people? Adolescence is a very sensitive time. It's a difficult time, which leads to the ask the good questions about why a human being becomes attached to drug use. There is no single explanation for this, but sometimes many young people connected to drug use are looking for the effects to have fun or relax. These young people are looking to feel good with others, especially during parties. The young people to face the various difficult situations that it passes devote themselves to the consumption of the drug considering as the only solution to manage its emotions and its sufferings. Moreover, many young people indulge in drug consumption to belong to a group. Belonging to a group is a very important thing for teenagers. While acceptance into a group is achieved by taking drugs, these teens accept the use of drugs in order to be accepted and to be like everyone else.

What are the consequences for their health?

The use of drugs has dangerous short and long term health consequences.

In the short term, drug use causes violent effects on the perpetrator as well as on victims. It leads to unprotected or unwanted sex. It also leads to traffic accidents and injuries from falls.

In the long term, drug and alcohol use is responsible for irreparable damage to brain development. This leads to the occurrence of pathologies such as depression, high blood pressure and cardiovascular accidents.

It is therefore necessary to advise your teenagers to avoid this practice