A Tongue drum: What you need to know


Music is one of the noblest art forms we know. It is further enhanced by the use of a tongue drum. This easy to use, age-old musical instrument is surprisingly useful. Whether it is a moment of distraction or meditation, it accompanies you everywhere. So stay tuned because we will reveal to you in this article everything you need to know about this Zen instrument. 

What is it? 

This instrument also called steel tongue drum is a tank drum. It belongs to the idiophone family. Basically, it produces its sounds by vibrating on itself. Moreover, it is very similar to other instruments such as the slit drum and the tambiro. And if you are in a Scandinavian country, don't panic. You can easily find tongue drum in finland and at very affordable prices.

Their recent popularity is largely due to its use in meditation music. With its atypical saucer shape, it might look like it comes from another world. And it may be the case as its music will make you travel. And for the most creative among you, it is the ideal musical instrument.

What are the benefits of its music? 

We all know that music has an incredible effect on our health and our mind. The tongue drum is no exception to this trend. Its music will reduce your stress and anxiety. You will sleep better and it will facilitate your interaction with your surroundings. It sharpens your concentration and decreases the pain of chronic diseases. And above all, it will bring you joy in your daily life.

How do I get a Tongue Drum? 

With its growing popularity, you won't have to go to great lengths to find one. Music stores carry them on their shelves. If the one in your town doesn't satisfy you, your best bet is to go to a store that sells percussion instruments. If you want one with a particular finish, approach the craftsmen who make them.

In addition, some websites selling an instrument offer it. In one click, you will have the one that will delight you. In any case, its price will not exceed 100 euros.